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CO - TY (December 13, 2009)

I envy the brilliance of many of Manila's brilliant photographers. Not only do they know how to get amazing photos, they also know how to edit them, ha ha! Which really isn't my forte because I don't take photos to astound my readers. I take photos simply to tell a story, which is from behind the scenes. My photos show the errors, if there are any, of my setups which I intend to correct in the future - that is, if they get repeated at all. Above: Instead of the usual corsages or bouquets, the bride imported these parasols from China. Reminds me of garden weddings in Southern California!

The Ring Bearer provided the amusement to today's wedding. Faced with the daunting task of walking down a 30-yard jute carpet, he just gave up at the start. The father had to carry him.

Left: The bride with her parents. The beautiful gown is by Edwin Tan. For the altar, we painted several dried mango branches and wired thirty (30) bundles of pink Alstromeria to them to mimic a blossoming cherry tree. The Alstromeria is the closest one can get to cherry flowers. Right: The aisle flowers were pomanders of pink Gerberas & Alstromeria tied with brown ribbons.

A most wonderful sunny day! I expect the official photos to be just as amazing. :-) To the couple, all the best and thank you very much for allowing us to work with you!


Early on, the bride wanted me to coordinate with Kar Reyes regarding the flowers to be used for the reception. She wanted to make sure I will be using the same flowers for her wedding setup to ensure the continuity of the look that she wanted. In fact, even before I asked Kar, I already knew what she'd be using.

On the tables, bundles of these pretty pink Alstromeria.

For the cocktail area, first time to be held here at the Sunken Garden of the Farm, the bride provided us paper lanterns which we wired & lighted. She also provided photos featuring couple trivia on every cocktail table. Great idea!

The cocktails area as seen from the Pavilion. The photo booth was placed at the small gazebo. I like the fact that there's so much space at the Farm and that you can do many things in several areas!


I didn't do a lot of entourage flowers for this particular wedding since all of the female members of the entourage used parasols. The men's boutonnières were made from small white Ecuadorian roses (of the Majolica variety) wrapped with pine leaves. I prefer Majolica roses for smaller arrangements because they're really sturdy. The bridal bouquet, however, is a fresher take on the picked-from-the-garden look as originally conceptualized by the bride. Since we couldn't import sweet peas in time for this wedding, we substituted it with four fabulous whites: Snapdragons, Matthiola (of the Holland variety), Tulips and Lilac (which just arrived the night before straight from the airport). The latter gave the bouquet its amazing scent. My friend said it smelled of First World cities where the air is clean & crisp. :-) Wisps of white ostrich feathers and a diamond brooch at the handle completed the look.


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Nelwin Uy (assisted by Bryan Yap)

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