Wednesday, September 09, 2009

ACOB - VICTORIANO (September 9, 2009)

This wedding proves that you can hatch an event like this with only less than six (6) months to go. Oh, to be sure others have been shorter, but if you're all alone doing the bridal duties while the groom is in Honolulu, expect the stress levels to shoot through the roof. Au contraire, the bride was all grace and poise until the very day, so hats off to you! :-) Also, because everyone deserves a break, the good Lord allowed the sun to come out - a welcome break from three weeks of continuous rain. I can't wait for the dry season which is expected to begin this last week of September.

Left: Our tree finds new life in this wedding as a "cherry tree" with white Dendrobium orchids as "cherry blossoms". Each orchid was taped individually to the branches making this a total time-eater, but the end product is so worth the effort. Right: A young girl blossoms on her own - quite literally. Roses on the dress, Mokara orchids on the head!
Heavyweights from government (left) discuss conspiracy theories as the flower girls (right) have more mundane things to take care off like loose floral crowns.
Principal sponsors socialize as they wait for their turn to walk down the aisle.
The bride gets off the Benz and moves nearer to the red carpet.
Together at last! :-)
I am happy that I made the decision to put this tree off-center. First, my idea is to put the focus on the couple by providing them a bare background (covered only by this sheer curtain), but the tree does finds its place in the scheme of things - it provides the balance needed to this very simple altar setup yet it gives cheers and warmth because of its flowers and lit candles.

The bridal bouquet is one of my recent favorites - the marriage of yellow & rust orange Ecuadorian roses gives off that warm & comfortable feeling, especially in this times of really sad weather. Giving it character are white wax flowers (Chamelaucium uncinatum) & red Hypericum berries. Completing the look is a wrap of eucalyptus leaves, satin ribbon, and a diamond brooch with a white ostrich feather.
Going with the motif of warm & cozy are the rest of the entourage flowers. Left: The bouquets for the mothers are made of yellow & white Alstromeria, white wax flowers, and white snapdragon. Right: The baskets for the flowers girls are full of lush white Altromeria and yellow-orange berries. For the crowns, they had orange Mokara orchids (not in the photos).


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Anonymous said...

The prettiest flowers, ever! :) The set-up? Simple yet Elegant. Definitely another home run for Vatel Manila.

Pia Manzano said...

I love everything, from the flowers to the lights, to the ambiance! I love this wedding! :D
-Pia M.


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