Wednesday, April 01, 2009


I received a very touching email today from one of our would-be brides. I don't know whether to be heartbroken or touched (maybe both since I brought those feelings up), but I'm very happy to have been of great help to her just when she needed it most. Here's part of the email:

"Uy, Dylan, allow me to thank you pala for everything. I know you're just doing your job, pero super helpful talaga kayo sa akin. I'm doing all the planning kasi, and konti lang talaga yung support na nakukuha ko from my friends, sisters, and even XXXX (and to think he's the one who wanted to have a wedding!) kasi busy rin sila, plus none of them has any experience when it comes to planning a wedding. And my Mom's all over the world except here. Sabi niya November na siya uuwi, kaya I can't expect her to help rin. So yun, thankful talaga ako. Sorry kung ang candid ng email na 'to. Gusto ko lang talagang magpasalamat. I'm really sure my wedding's gonna be in good hands. Thanks again :) - XXXXX"

Her mail touches a chord in my heart because in my one year as Manager for Operations of the Farm, I have encountered so many couples who seem "lost" about the whole planning thing. In fact, there's been an increasing number of grooms who are getting involved in the preparations only because their brides are based abroad. You can just imagine the groom picking out fabric samples or faced with a dilemma of which unity candle design to pick, would delay his decision to consult with his bride first via Yahoo Messenger. How many times have I encountered grooms being engulfed by floral choices in Dangwa, unable to figure out who to talk to? *sigh* I wish I could help them, too, if I have the time. Kudos, however, to the grooms who really do help out.

In the greater scheme of things, many consider a wedding planner a non-necessity because they want their weddings to be "personal" - every item has their personal touch. I admire those who have the courage - and the time! - to do this on their own. My job, however, is to faciliate things and make things easier hence we have crafted To-Buy Lists, Do-It-Yourself Floor Planners and lately, even a Guide to Meeting with Caterers.

I know it can be tiring, expensive, bewildering, frustrating but then again, as the now-famous book THE SECRET teaches us, think of things as having been completed already and thank the universe for it. Soon enough, without you noticing it, your Happily-Ever-After Day has come. So breathe! Chill! Give yourself a break. There will always be people around you who will help when you least expect it. Sometimes, all you need to do is ask. :-)

Photos by D. Gozum
Crizaldo - Martinez Nuptials
The Mango Farm
March 28, 2009

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