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Torn apart by sea and land for months, they finally celebrate their love on this miraculous day at The Mango Farm!


Top: Midshipmen Cadets stand guard prior to the ceremony; the groom and his Best Men pose for souvenir shots in their uniform; a senior cadet adjusts a cap; while the bride plays with rose petals.

Middle: Detail from our new candelabras; the bride is ready to go!; a crown of Dendrobiums for the box tent; aisle flowers often mistaken to be made of plastic (we'd take that as a compliment,thank you!).

Bottom: The bride emerges from the Farm house; finally, someone got to use our 90-year-old love seat from Taal!; joined together forever; and what's a wedding without party poppers?!

Left: The white-box tent from two weddings past has reincarnated itself, this time with a crown of white Dendrobium orchids. Next week, it will have new clothes for the series of weddings which will use this tent again. I like it because it is clean and straightforward. It also makes for a very comfortable setup both for guests and suppliers. I totally apologize if I am not a huge fan of fabric swags, but isn't that so tiring already?

Right: Loved the belts of the midshipmen cadets!!! We've been loving sashes and fabric belts ever since we dined at the restaurant of the Marco Polo Hotel in Davao City, where the waiters have fabric belts made of local indigenous weaves. Wonderful!

The radiant bride emerged from the Farm house for this setup. From there, she inched her way up a pathway towards the Plaza Gat Tayaw where a phalanx of midshipmen, students of the 189-year-old Philippine Marine Merchant Academy (established in January 1, 1820 by King Ferdinand VII, would you believe?), waited for her. The drama is just absolutely gorgeous!

The bride was accompanied by the midshipment up to the altar, while the groom - in his immaculate white PMMA uniform - waited with abated breath.

Left: My favorite shot for the day. I played around the photos a bit, if you noticed. It adds a little magic touch! Right: The priest leads the crowd in clapping and giving thanks to the Heavens for a miracle - yes, you read that right. Because while it was sunny and warm at 4PM here at the Farm, strong rains and flooding was currently happening in Quezon City just a few minutes away. 3/4ths of the guests came from QC and reported travel difficulties, but they were in for a big surprise when the weather here was clear! Talk about faith doing wonders, ano? There was no way I would have done this setup under a tent! It wouldn't have looked as nice.

We love these new silver candelabras! These were patterned after silver altar candle holders mostly found in colonial-era churches, especially those that are heavily influenced by Mexican art. We're getting more of these, and then have single-candle holders made. This is our way of supporting a dying Philippine art form (the same way we support the capiz shell industry). The lateros will have more work to do if we support them. Say, if you like to use these candelabras, let me know. I know they may look too flashy for some, but for those who wish to add a slight touch of refinement, these will work well for your setup. And by Mexican, I do not mean colorful, by the way. :-)

RECEPTION at The Glass Pavilion

A view of the Farm's yet undeveloped area from the Pavilion.
What I lurve about Summer is the abundance of really great fruits!
The cake-slicing ceremony was the most complicated of them yet, what with the pomp and circumstance that came with the handing of the sword to the groom (before that, the cadet did a on-the-spot sword twisting show for five minutes), the slicing of the cake, and the returning of the sword. This time, the groom did a little show naman. Que saya talaga!

To the couple (who, and we know this deep in our heart, will be happy the rest of their lives), warmest greetings from all of us!


Ceremony Setup//

Photographer & Videographer//
Jun Valbuena
Unit 23, Emerald Square Building
P. Tuazon cor JP Rizal,
Project 4, Quezon City
Jun: (0920) 763-7392
Glory: (0927) 384-2510

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