Friday, April 17, 2009


I've heard of this particular parish church only because this is where a celebrity couple got married in December 8, 2003 (okay, it's Julius Babao and Tintin Bersola, if you insist!) so my hopes were high that wow, this must be a really really nice church apart from the comments I've received that it is particularly old. So off I went on a 15-minute drive to Cogeo to check it out.

Okay, I guess we have to define "old" here. My idea of old is anything built in the 19th century and earlier, so when this chapel came into my range of vision, I was utterly disappointed. Why, it looks like it was just built in the 1970's! By the looks of that bell tower, it hasn't been completed. *sigh* One must never set one's hopes too high.
Unfortunately, the church was not open that day so I had to train my lens through an open window (climbed over plants, opened a window and aimed). It looks rather wide - are there six rows of pews? *phew!* It's rather wide and respectably long. The altar, however, is too drab. It needs major work, plus those fans! Tsk, tsk. Indeed, function over beauty.

I must admit though that the area is rather idyllic. Set high on a hill, it has a commanding view of the rest of the Antipolo mountain ranges and the town that surrounds it.
Grand as they come these days, this is the church's main staircase. You ascend from the main road via this wide, wide walkway. Cars, of course, can drive up the road besides to reach the church's ramp.

Must you wed here? It depends. If you live in this area, why not? Here's the unusual stuff we've gathered from their flyer: Principal Sponsors are limited to a maximum of 5 pairs only. Every pair above 5 is charged P100 each. PLUS all the principal sponsors MUST insert P100 in an envelope marked "DONATION" whuch must be given to the parish office. Talk about free will. Anyone who has photos of the Babao-Bersola nuptials? I would love to see how they decorated this place! Oh, wait. Here they are. :-o They had 46 Ninongs and Ninangs. Do the math.

Church of St. Anthony de Padua
Langhaya, Cogeo,
Antipolo City
Tel Nos. 677.9828

Morning ONLY
P7,000 (with arc, presumably of flowers)
P7,500 (with aisle decor)
P8,500 (arc and aisle decor)

Afternoon ONLY
P9,000 (with arc)
P9,500 (arc and aise decor)
P10,500 (with special arrangements, presumably of flowers + carpet and choir)

Time Slot:
Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday
8AM, 9AM, 11AM, 2PM and 3.30PM

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