Monday, March 23, 2009


Not many small churches have an impressive facade as the one in Kalumpang, Marikina City. Sitting on a hill and overlooking the clean Marikina River, the quasi-parish of San Antonio de Padua is a cream brick, glass and concrete structure that is modern and cozy - perfect for weddings that have a guest count of 200 or less.

The altar is clean & straightforward. There is no attempt to impose grandiose ideas on the parishoners.

There are many surprises in this small church - a second floor, parts of which has a continuous glass ceiling, and a secure basement parking. Yes, you read that right! A basement parking with gates to boot!

The statue of the venerable St. Anthony of Padua can be seen on the right side. What is missing in this depiction of him are the bible (he is a Doctor of the Church) and the Lily of the Annunciation. You may wonder why, but St. Anthony is known in Brazil and Portugal as a marriage saint because legend has him as one who conciliated couples. His feast day, June 13, is Lisbon's municipal holiday, celebrated with parades and marriages of humble couples, and he is one of the saints celebrated in the Brazilian Festa Junina (along with John the Baptist and Saint Peter). The previous day, June 12, is the Brazilian Valentine's Day. And since we share a common culture with Latin America, the practise is carried over here in the Philippines.

The side of the church facing the river. From this area, one can appreciate the surroundings from the wide verandah with the gentle breeze blowing in your hair and sound of rustling leaves from nearby trees completely enthrall.

To the left, buildings and a road that leads to SM Marikina. Below, scenes of houses to the left of the church.

Must you wed here? YES! It's not too big, the requirements aren't too impossible to comply with, there are no weird impositions like in other churches in Marikina (more on this later), and the church is really nice and clean. And since it is secluded, one doesn't expect too many walk-ins. One thing: you need to be in a convoy when going out of this area as the streets are small and go one way only.

Quasi-Parish of San Antonio de Padua
76 J. P. Rizal St., Kalumpang
Marikina City
Tel. Nos. 682.1816

P6,700 (Mass, carpet, flowers, choir)
P3,700 (Ordinary; Mass Only?)

Time Slots:
Tuesday to Saturday
10AM and 3PM


Anonymous said...

We've been visited this church, and we've already reserved it for our church wedding on January 2011. It is very nice and perfect for our wedding ceremony.

Anonymous said...

Im a church worker in this Parish, thank you for blogging our Parish.We have really a miraculous Patron Saint, pls come again and see more changes in the church.

Anonymous said...

May I know who is the head priest/ parish priest of this Church?

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