Friday, March 06, 2009


Scheme 1: Plum

Plum is not a particularly popular color in the Philippines. Brides always fall for the easy combinations - white, beige, ecru, yellow, pink, red, green and brown. But why not give Plum a second look? It is a rich color and with the appropriate blings will lend itself to sparkle and transform into glamour.

Scheme 2: Burgundy or Purple

After Plum, Burgundy has got to be one of the richest colors around. It's got 'luxurious' written all over it. Whether in daylight or during nightime, burgundy will surely get everyone's attention.

Scheme 3: Canary Yellow or Beige

Canary Yellow has got to be one of the most exciting colors ever used in weddings. Paired with black, it gives a very strong statement about your style - lush & plush.

Scheme 4: Pink (all shades)

There's nothing like a combination of two opposite colors - strong and soft, blush and rush, pink and black. A very daring combination for the experimental couple. This combination is guaranteed to register well on photographs.

Scheme 5: Avodao Green or Bright Green or Pistachio Green

Avocado Green is very soft, cool, and inviting while the black & white damask lends an air of elegance and laid-back sophistication. For table settings, the Avocado Green will be the main table cloth while the damask runner will break this monotony.

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