Tuesday, March 03, 2009


The moment one sees the facade of the Immaculate Conception Parish, one already senses something odd about it. There's lots of piedra china on the facade and the small tower besides it which pretty much says that the original church was actually old, probably Spanish-era (the Jesuits held the first mass in Jesus de la Peña, Marikina in 1630), but the rest of the structure isn't. I don't know if a fire or an earthquake made the renovation necessary, but it didn't give the church the grand facade it deserves.

A new stained-glass rose window featuring Our Lady.

The altar used to be decorated with a plain crucifix and after a while became like
this. Now, probably with a parish priest hung up on his last visit to Rome, the altar is now a matte-gold affair with a ceiling painted with a blue sky and clouds which runs the entire course of the nave - the height of kitsch, if you ask me.

I also noticed that the ceiling is too low, but what the structure lacks in this it makes up with a wide floor area - a three-aisle arrangement, in fact. This parish after all is the second most populated in this city after that of the Our Lady of the Abandoned Parish in Barangay San Roque.

Must you wed here? I don't see why not. The rates are really low for such a big church and it's just a mere 15-minute drive to The Mango Farm. The church is right besides a busy street so expect moderate traffic by 5PM and probably lots of walk-in parishioners.

Immaculate Conception Parish
Concepcion Uno, Marikina City
Tel. Nos. 941.4870

P5,500 (Mass, solo singer, red carpet, flowers)
P2,200 (Mass; no decor)
P1,000 (Mass only)

Time Slots:
Monday to Saturday
8AM, 0.30AM, 11AM, and 4PM


Anonymous said...

just surfin the internet and found your site. I am a parishioner.

To tell you, actually this Church was established in 1958, and as far as I can remember, one of the parish priests' brainchild was the renovation of the facade of this church.

This is also the MOST POPULATED parish in the city, not OLA.

OLA Parish may have the biggest church structure (and oldest parish, established in 1690) but ICP is the largest in terms of population (although its church is not the biggest, that's why in gets crowded on Sundays)

There are also plans of air-conditioning this church, but it was halted because the bishop said so. According to parish folks, the church is 'pang masa' but I don't see anything wrong with it. I think its needed because you can hear the honking horns of the jeepneys and cars. Irritating and disturbing especially during masses.

But thank you for posting info on weddings about my parish.

Kudos to you!

Anonymous said...

Pwede po magtanong?
Magknu po ang rate for the wedding? And anu pong mga requirements? Andto po kc aq s ibng bnsa at 1month before the wedding ang uwi q jan'


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