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The church of the Nuestra Señora De Los Desamparados, also known as Our Lady of the Abandoned Church, is located in Marikina City. The original structure was built by the Agustinian Order in Chorillo(now Barangka)in 1572. It was later transferred to the Jesus De La Peña when the Jesuits took over in 1630. In 1687, it was transferred to its present location in Sta. Elena and rebuilt in stone. It was completed in 1690.

The church was greatly damaged during the American Occupation and the bell tower incurred more damage during World War II. Reinforcements were done in 1951 with the help of religious sectors and community of Marikina.
From the outside, one can already have a view of the small retablo with the images of the Risen Christ and Our Lady.

During our visit, a wedding was ongoing. I think this is a nice church to get married in. The ceilings are high, there is ample ventilation and the nave is long (read: a long walk for the bride; more drama, the better!).
The thing is, it's just too big for a meaningful wedding to even happen. The fact that it is Marikina's largest parish, one cannot stop people from streaming in during the ceremony. Alas, rowdy groups of school children take over the grounds during weekdays, thus limiting parking space for guests.
The altar though is simple and done in good taste. It reminds me so much of many churches in the area, notably that of the Antipolo Cathedral. The Agustinian influence is very strong in these part of Rizal as most churches feature the Holy Spirit as a dove surrounded by rays - very typical of Agustinian churches. If you don't believe me, go visit the San Agustin Church in Intramuros and their church in Cebu, the Basilica Minore of the Child Jesus.

Must you get married here? There are pros and cons. Pros: It's a nice, big church. Very accessible to all guests. The rate is still lower than Christ the King (which is airconditioned). Cons: Complicated requirements (but wait until you see those of St. Anthony de Padua in Cogeo!). Patience, truly, would be a virtue. Anyhow, as a rule in any church wedding, do not be late. You'd rue it.

Shrine of our Our Lady of the Abandoned (OLA)
J.P. Rizal Street, Sta. Elena, Marikina City
Tel. Nos. 646.1781

P8,000 (Priest, Lector, Commentator, Acolyte, Ushers, & Seminar Fees)
Inclusive of the Mass, flowers, carpet, tulle swagging, candles, ribbons, chandeliers, soloist, electricity and registration fee.

Time Slots:
Monday to Saturday
8AM, 9.30AM, 11AM, 1PM, 2.30PM and 4PM

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Anonymous said...

Actually, the church in Concepcion is the largest parish. It has the largest number of parishioners. Maybe, Our Lady of the Abandoned is nearer and more accessible, so many people prefer to go to this church, plus they have cool mist fans.


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