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It took 2 years' worth of loving and living to get to today's event. From the University Library to the Farm, their forever began in our little patch of Eden. To Aldo and Doreen, all the best to you both! :-)

From L to R:
Top Row: Cake topper figure of two dogs getting married (the couple loves dogs!), a bunchful of flowers in a tin pail, bottles of Moët et Chandon, and a Moroccan lamp against a hedge of dill.
Middle Row: The ceremony area as seen from the Farm house bedroom window, a linen napkin tied with a blade of grass (I am lovin' it!), a worm's view of the altar, the cake from Estrel's.
Bottom Row: Tables tag, a peek at the Glass Pavilion, our new capiz chimes tinkling away, the couple after the ceremony.
We are launching today a new setup - one that the bride herself searched in the net. The plan involved constructing a box-like tent with white, billowing fabric. For this we chose chiffon because of its sheerness & its weight (heavy enough to keep still when needed). It's more expensive than the usual organza, but it's so worth it. Plus it doesn't crumple.
For the aisle, we had these tin buckets made by our welder. This would be the first time we're using them and this setup pretty much kicks off our series of Western-style garden weddings for 2009.
On one side, you can see Easter Lilies (this one's the local Lirio which is abundant during summer time), Sweet Williams (Dianthis barbathus), & Moluccella. It can be seen on the photo on your left that there is a huge green-white ornamental cabbage sitting right on top of the arrangement. Very pretty thing up close.
On this side, bright yellow Alstromerias & white Queen Anne's Lace. The overall idea is 'Spring'. The bride likes capiz shells, but the groom doesn't. Doing a Tom Felicia, the solution I thought of was to create capiz shell wind chimes for that whimsical touch. These were hung on low-lying tree brances. Very nice especially when the breeze blows through them!
A nice scene - the groom and his Best Man during a quiet time trying to memorize their lines. Getting married truly is a serious business.

The GARDEN WEDDING at the Azotea Rojo

At 4.30PM, the sun broke through the thick gray clouds and wow, a wonderful sunset scene just in time for the march. Who would have thought that it rained for two hours in the morning and soaked the chiffon altar? By the way, this is the first time we are using this area for a ceremony. It's never been used before for any kind of event. The glare of the sun necessitated the move to this place and yes, it did deliver. The sun was filtered by the leaves of mango and coconut trees.

The altar takes a direct hit from the sunset. Nice, nice. Just like how I wished it would be. On the right, Mr. Bruno in Barong Tagalog (he's the dog) is getting ready to walk the aisle.

"...not just my wife, but the shelter of my life and soul." - excerpt from the groom's vows. By the time the vows were said, everyone had burst into tears (yes, us included).

RECEPTION at the Glass Pavilion

All the guest tables sported pomelo pink roses and Gerberas. The table cloth was a striped brocade of a coral shade. The couple's table & backdrop - a lighted fountain and bamboo. I think other caterers should learn something from Kaye Cunanan - restraint. 'Nuff said. :-)
For the 1260-pax dinner, two buffet tables were set on the opposite sides of the hall. This one is on the side of the picturesque picture window showing the thick mango forest on the still undeveloped part of the Farm.
In lieu of numbers, the tables were tagged with the couple's favorite cities. Here, the New Delhi tag is a nod to the groom's father, the former Philippine Ambassador to India - his longest assignment.

To make the 300-seater Pavilion look full, Kaye made use of tables of different shapes - banquet tables for the VIPs, square and round tables for the rest of the guests.
For those not familiar with Kaye Cunanan's menu, here's a photo introduction to some of this event's choices. On your right is the Japanese Rolled Chicken with Cheese & Leeks. I like it because it's compact. It may look small on your plate, but one roll is really good for like three bites.
This one's the grilled Red Snapper with Mango Salsa & Coconut Cream. Very lite. The flavour pretty much comes from the salsa. On your right is the Roast Beef carving station.
Roast Beef with Mashed Potatoes & Roasted Vegetables in Balsamic Syrup. Strawberry Panna Cotta. There's kiwi, too.
Ah, one of my personal favorites, the Hoisin Chicken Wrap. :-0
The couple having their post-ceremony photos taken near the Farm's bird sanctuary.

While Kaye lighted the entire frontage of the Pavilion with candles, we lighted the pathways using our new metal hooks from which we hung votive candle holders.

"I first saw you across the crowded park, I knew you were the one. The one that I was going to spend the rest of my life with, to love and cherish and look after, till death us do part. But there's always a snog when we're out walking with our humans, this is the nearest we'll ever be. Bye, see you tomorrow!" (Love at First Sight, Woofer & Tweeter by Toni Goffe).


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