Tuesday, February 26, 2008

PAULO CLEMENTE (1967-2008)

Vatel Manila shares in the collective grief for the loss of former Tux member and Awit awardee Paulo Clemente whose music, laughter, and zest for life has left us with some of the best memories that this short life on earth can possibly bring.

He was a gift and will be forever loved and remembered.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

SANVICTORES - MURATA (February 17, 2008)

Boy, am I glad this wedding is over. No, I didn't mean it to sound that way, but it sure was a great relief to be unburdened of something that took only two weeks or so to prepare (from first meeting with client to actual event). Whew. The Sanvictores wedding has got to be one of the more lovely weddings I've done recently (notwithstanding the fact that half of the guests flew in from Japan) and Vatel Manila and The Mango Farm are truly happy to have been part of this successful celebration of relationships, love, and life. We wish Sir Raymond and Ma'am Meg all the happiness that the world has to offer.

Ms. Meg started to cry quietly when Sir Raymond read his vow (in two languages, of course, in which he is both articulate, his Lolo being the former Philippine envoy to Japan during the Aquino years).

The tears broke into a laugh eventually.

Guests of the Murata family.

The Muratas.

The Sanvictoreses.

Among the guests were Japanese Ambassador Makoto Katsura; a great grandson of former President Carlos P. Garcia; and of course, former Ambassador Benjamin Sanvictores. For this wedding, we used maroon shantung and lace tablecloths to give the pavilion a warmer feel. We also used tropical blooms (in this table, mickey mouse; the rest, Heliconias) since the Japanese guests were desiring to see bright colors as it is still freezing back home. Hurricane lamps made of paper printed with selections from a wide range of haikus and tankas can be seen on every table from revered poets like Basho (who is a favorite from my high school days during which time I learned to write haikus). A set of origami cranes were also placed on every table to complete the look and feel of the reception.

And the love story continues.


Ceremony Setup, Entourage and Reception Flowers
Dylan Gozum for Vatel Manila

Getting Married Event Planners / Coordinators
Kutchie R. Zaldarriaga

Hizon's Catering

Jun Valbuena

Manila Philharmonic Orcherstra
Rodel Colemnar


This series was photographed by M. Santos. Location: Main house guest room.


Here are some photos of the bouquets used for the Sanvictores wedding. With a little twist, they have become original creations in themselves. Most brides these days source their inspiration from several months of poring over countless magazines and almost always stick to a design they think most reflect their sense of style and personality. These are the bride's own choices.

A sample of a hand-tied bouquet used by the entourage.

Carnation colors changed from pink to orange to violet for different members of the entourage.

The bridal bouquet. The yellow Cymbidia, eucalyptus leaves, and faux crystals are the only additions.
The bridal bouquet is an original design of the flower company, Floriade, as seen in the Metro Weddings magazine. The bride asked me to copy it. The "dog" was copied from an arrangement originally by Teddy Manuel. I was asked to copy that, too. *sighs*


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