Thursday, December 25, 2008


On several occassions, our services had been solicited for last-minute or emergency ornamentation of couples' gazebos or backdrops. Here are two of them this 2008:

This one was a super emergency. There was a miscommunication with the caterer and the bride regarding the kind of backdrop she wanted. She didn't want anything that employed posts, lights or fabric. I suppose the caterer's florists was at a loss for ideas so here's what we came up with. I "stole" fillers and flowers from the table centerpieces and made a trio using my candle holders. Too bad my Moroccan lamps were too diminutive; otherwise, this could have been something really impressive. Simple, but it worked.

This one was on this month. The caterer was charging the couple a million dollars (just kidding, but you get the drift) to decorate this very simple trellis. For a quarter of the cost, we employed Sexy Pink tropicals, some Formosa vines, a little red & yellow damask fabric (which followed their color scheme) and our ever reliable capiz curtains. Wait, the floral arrangement on the table is not mine.

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