Monday, December 29, 2008


For every event that involves me doing the floral centerpieces - and when there's a budget, mind you - I take control over the fabric used for the guest tables.

For this particular event, I wanted to veer away from the official color motif of canary yellow & brown and chose the lovely color of matte gold - and look at how these fabrics catch the rays of the setting sun! I also felt that it's just perfect for the sober walls and the green grass of the venerable Paco Park.

These fabric choices also complement the coffee motif of the couple - rich images of roasted brown beans and the golden aroma of this bewitching brew easily come to mind.

I got this fabric a few days before I started buying the fabric for this event. When my supplier ran out of the striped number, I immediately turned to my fabric stock and made this my fabric of choice for the guest tables.

Brocade - the name of this design - is a class of richly decorative shuttle-woven fabrics often made in colored silks and with or without gold and silver threads. The name, related to the same root as the word 'broccoli comes from Italian 'broccato' meaning embossed cloth. This fabric art form dates back to as far as 1588. They are in mode this year and will continue to fascinate stylists & designers for years to come.

For the VIP tables, we used striped matte gold fabric. This isn't unique in terms of design (for one, it's the leitmotif of K by Cunanan Catering, although their fabrics are white and yellow) but it has this clean look which I lurve. Because of this, this will also be used for the cocktail tables and other tables - buffet, gift, and reception tables to set the tone for the entire event - clean, restrained but with the addition of the brocade above, a little playful.

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