Friday, December 05, 2008


The bride's bouquet color scheme was originally blue and white. The original plan was to make use of blue roses (Ecuadorian dyed). It dawned on me while I was reviewing our minutes of meeting that the wedding was in the evening (6PM) so most of the light source would be ambient - from green spotlights mostly (if Plan A) or yellow (if Plan B). When the coordinator visited the office, I subtly hinted at switching to yellow to which they readily agreed. With the bride convinced of the new color scheme, here's what I came up with.

I went for the freshly-picked-from-the-backyard-garden look: mixing several kinds of flowers of the same hue together. This bouquet is made up of 1 dozen yellow Ecuadorian roses which arrived straight from the airport, several pieces of yellow calla lilies, newly arrived dark yellow Cymbidium orchids with dramatic tiger patterns on the labellum or lips. To provide the small details, yellow Hypericum berries, little orange berries, Queen Anne's Lace (the real deal), yellow statice and wrapped with cypress leaves. The ribbon is one of my favorites, a Mokuba striped midnight blue.
Orange berries form part of the charm of today's entourage flowers. Do not be afraid to make use of unusual foliage. There's beauty in the smallest of details.
For the rest of the hand-tied bouquets, bright yellow Anastasia chrysanthemums interspersed with yellow statice, rice flowers and orange berries.
For the corsage of the mothers and the principal sponsors, a deep yellow Cymbidium orchid, orange berries and acrylic crystals lie on a bed of cypress leaves.
For the wristers, very light yellow carnations with rice flowers and cypress leaves.

For the flower girls, the usual suspects; this time, without the feathers or the acrylic crystals. The gowns were heavily beaded so this ball of solid yellow button mums worked really well with the overall look.

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