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RAMOS - PUNO (January 17, 2009)

We got this account on the basis of a direct referral from Ms. Jet Versoza, the no-nonsense President & CEO of Josiah's Catering, during a visit to the Farm. You can say that this is our first 'celebrity wedding', the bride being the daughter of the legendary performer, Rico J. Puno. Of course all brides are celebrities in themselves as weddings tend to become the bride's day (and the honeymoon, the groom's).
This setup incorporated several elements from our past 49 weddings (yes, this is our 50th wedding!), the fabric swags being the latest styling tool. This also marks the first time the floral arch is used in this area of the Farm, a practice - so to speak - for the wedding on April 16th. With Tiffany chairs from Josiah's Catering, I think the entire setup is clean and straightforward with lots of areas to move about for both guests and suppliers. If budget permits, I would suggest that couples of future weddings make use of Tiffany chairs instead of Monobloc chairs as the former tend to "widen the horizon". It has a decongesting effect on the entire setup.
The silver beads of the fabric swag jangle about every time the wind blows. It was more like a gale actually, tearing the fabric at several points but it pretty much held its ground.


Left: Meanwhile, the entourage members prepare to assemble. Right: The groom with his parents. Judging on how tight their hands are latched on Mike, they obviously aren't letting go of him that easy. I know how it feels being an unico hijo myself.
Left: At 4.30PM, the entourage began to move down the aisle. Right: At the altar, the teary-eyed groom gets a hug from his Best Man (one of two).
All together now: Awwww.....

The bride's parents were received warmly by the crowd. I hope the Dad is wearing socks. :-)

At 5PM, the bridal car made its way down the roadway.

And the bride, Puno's eldest daughter, stands like a nymph at the start of the aisle.
Tosca busses her Dad on the cheek.

Right: The couple read their testimonials as a form of honoring God, telling everyone about their life story & their journey together to this very day.



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. These are my two favorites: meatballs & blue cheese. The entire event was full of laughter as there were so many moments where either the couple or their guests cracked jokes during the program. The bride and her Dad performed The Prayer together. Other guests like Rey Valera & Richard Merck performed as well. I didn't get to finish the program as I had to leave for Dangwa again *Sigh*

May the road rise up to meet you,
May the wind be ever at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face
and the rain fall softly on your fields
and until we meet again,
may God hold you in the hollow of His hand.


Ceremony Styling//

Dylan Gozum for Vatel Manila

Josiah's Catering

Blushing Bride

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