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AMBOY - ALONZO (November 9, 2008)

The couple first visited the Farm in August, left to check out another venue and went back to the Farm to book on the same day. So much for fast decision making! The same went for the decision to make us do their ceremony setup. However, since the typhoon Quinta and Rolly were then both making an exit and entrance respectively, a garden wedding was out of the question. In fact, we never got to use the setup we made the morning of the event date. Everything - altar, chairs, carpet - was soaking wet. But no problemo. The coordinator was on hand to give the go signal to start setting up in the Glass Pavilion.
The centerpiece of the reception area is this lounge bed made of 2 Farm benches put together, several throw pillows and acrylic crystals by their friend-coordinator, and the gazebo frame by the caterer.
Of course, to add to the overall look, our Moroccan lamps.

With the typhoon wreaking havoc outside, the ceremony inside was a picture of tranquility - immune from all that's happening outside.
The beautiful bride enters the Pavilion, resplendent in an Edgar Madamba dress - truly not your usual wedding gown.

The ceremony setup is just 1/3 of the original plan, but we had to make do with these given the circumstances. The rites, by the way, is Aglipayan (Philippine Independent Church).

It looks really crowded, but after the ceremony was over, we cleared the area making way for a spacious dance floor.

My favorite shot of the evening. The hand with the gold watch is film and television actress Angelu de Leon's - one of the couple's secondary sponsors.

The principal sponsors raise their hands to bless the couple.

The bridal bouquet is a sweet mix of Million Stars, white Gerberas and White Licianthus (c/o Rain, the coordinator).

Here is the same area where the ceremony was earlier. This time, we arranged our lamps around the lounge bed.

The money dance. :-)
The groom was made to take off the garter with his teeth...
... and was caught by this lucky guy.
Meanwhile, the single ladies in the house are preparing for the bouquet toss.

Lucky girl! No effort at all. :-)

The couple thanking their guests. Despite the bad weather, we were able to still come up with a lively and meaningful event. As the groom said, "Nairaos din natin!" Hear, hear.


Ceremony Setup
Dylan Gozum for Vatel Manila

Lounge Bed Styling & Coordination//
Rainier Alvarez

Bride's Gown//
Edgar Madamba

Photo / Video//
Edward dela Cuesta

Avengoza The Caterer


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