Saturday, October 18, 2008

DEL ROSARIO - SENGCO (October 18, 2008)

The streak of good-weather weekends persisted until today with the sun shining rather hotly all throughout the day. The humidity is definitely one for the books, but we'd rather have this than rain, right? I have likewise abandoned checking out for weather forecasts because first, it's adding to the stress. Second, the weather, as the Manila Observatory has, uhm, observed, has definitely changed. There is now what we call "rain re-distribution" where more rainfall occurs in areas where it usually doesn't happen and vice versa. It has upset everyone from farmers to garden wedding florists like us at Vatel Manila that watching the weather can be quite unnerving. Well, enough with the weather.
I am not sure, but I think we won the right to do this setup from Hizon's Catering mostly because of these lamps and for this I have the People's Republic of China to thank for. They are pretty, charming and melamine-free (the lamps, I mean). For today, the motif is all-white so the flowers were mostly going towards that direction. As for the fabric swags, I stuck to cream Geena silk because the split fabric tents were in the same hue, too. Also, we are debuting this new aisle setup as requested by the bride. We had these new metal stands made two (2) days before today so they're quite literally fresh off the grill or something. Unfortunately, since these require being stuck into the ground, they can only be used here and on the venue near the office.

I've already lost count as to how many of this kind of setup we've already done. Will make a composite survey soon. If I'm not mistaken, today's wedding is our 43rd. Wow.

The caterer did their setup at the Plaza Gat Tayaw, which is a 200-seater paved area. The yellow crepe-paper luminaries were made by the bride herself.
The entourage members milling at the entrance of the Glass Pavilion. Already, the ceremony is 30 minutes late as it is. Here, some of the members crowd around a VIP guest.

The bride is silhouetted against the sunset. Lovely.

A production-number entrance! A busy photo, too - a flash bulb went off, smoke, sunset, people taking shots.

Two of the guests were colleagues from my previous work. From the corporate world to this - what a difference a few months make. No regrets.

A basket of fruits for prosperity and abundance.

Two things: a design flaw and a setup malfunction. Corrective measures to be taken: 1.) Do not put fabric slices near the altar to reveal the altar design. 2.) Reinforce fabric rails; stretch the fabric more.

"Don't think about the expenses too much, okay?"

What do men talk about during weddings? ;-p

Behind the scene. Quite literally.

Another fabulously long, long train and veil!

Thank you, dear God, for surprises. :-)


Ceremony Setup & Entourage Flowers//
Dylan Yap Gozum for Vatel Manila

Hizon's Catering

Photo / Video//
Andre Photography

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a new beginning said...

for a while i thought i was in the senate :)

seriously, i appreciate the lamps (the melanine-free ones).

and needless to say, your craft is getting better and better.

more power, dylan!


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