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LEYBAG - PUNZALAN (October 11, 2008)

The end of this event released waves upon waves of relief to all concerned (wedding preparations took all of two months only!) The feeling of relief becomes more poignant coming from a week of what a friend dubbed as "gay weather". We had a very sunny Thursday and before we knew it, the entire Friday was a super duper gloomy affair. In fact, Plan B was already being seriously contemplated and God knows how much I detest swagging tents because they eat up at least 4 hours per tent of precious setup time. I asked all my friends to help pray for perfect weather and while at it, I thought I'd revive something we first did here, here and here. Yes, the very same one conceptualized by (former) bride Cherry Lazarte, but this time we're using it to - at least - have something to protect the guests in case rain does come falling down in these parts. AND IT DIDN'T! Yipeeee! The sun shone brightly all day of Saturday. I call it an advance birthday gift *winks*.
Anyway, our day started at 7AM with work commencing on these aisle flowers. I decided against adding white flowers to these - I had other better plans.

In case curiousity got the better of you, the tall flowers are locally known as the Iris (I checked my receipt and it was spelled I-R-I-S-H) from the Family Labiatae / Lamiaceae (of the mint family). In the Philippines, what blooms all year round (I think) is the Yellow Walking Iris or Apostle Plant (Neomarica longifolia). In fact we have loads of those around the Farm. It is said to be among the easiest to grow and indeed it is. The one in the photo, however, is terribly seasonal. For such a beautiful specie, it is sad that we only see it once a year for around three months. I am lucky to have been able to acquire several bundles of it as they usually stop blooming around this time. Methinks they are among the most beautiful landscape plants around. For this setup, we used them for the 'height' aspect in lieu of the already boring calla lily. Seriously, that flower has got to get a day off. (Photo credit: 1st 3 photos by M.Santos)
Pretty and tangerine!
Oh, here's the "better plan" I mentioned earlier.

The doors of the Moroccan lamps are open as they await the lighting of the candles.
These are our newest acquisition - a dozen of these lovely lamps supposedly earmarked for a huge January wedding but are making an early debut tonight. I'm looking at three (3) dozens of these cute babies by next year or as supplies last. My supplier, a Chinese trader in Divisoria, won't import more unless there's demand for them so she's insisting I get the black ones and repaint them white - arrgh!
To provide interesting points in this now classic floral arch, we added Dancing Ladies and palm tree flowers.
Detail. Oncidium reflexum orchidae. Wala lang. Feel ko lang mag-Latin today. :-)
The final look. The weather was just lover-ly!

Detail. Every aisle arrangement sports a burst of white dendrobium orchids and several strands of unopened palm tree flowers. Since it wasn't my desire to make a totally tropical appearance, I employed several other flowers to provide the color I needed to break the monotony of tangerine.
At 5PM, the entourage is ready to go.
The groom awaits his bride as his parents laugh and chat. Such a happy day for everyone!
Finally, the bride emerges from the car and makes her way down the pathway towards the red carpet at Plaza Gat Tayaw.
Long veils seem to be in mod again, yes?

The crew of Jun Valbuena at work. He employs really young photogs. Training them early in the business.

For a Plan B, I'm surprised VS&F had provisions for this even in such short notice. Hmmm... Very nice touch. I'm not even sure if this was part of the plan.

The Glass Pavilion cuts a sleek figure against the sunset sky. Soon, a wider apron will be built in front of it for the purposes of cocktails and lounging, complete with greenery and water features.
There's nothing like having all your great friends around you on your wedding day. Here, they're on the right...

on the left...

and more on the right again. Whoah! :-)

All together now: CHEESE!

A most dramatic shot of the couple after everyone else has left for the reception. The bride's gown is by Gener Gozum, who also did her gown when she was a still a debutante.

Amusing shots in front of the Bridal Salon complex.

The couple prepare to walk down the bridge for the torch parade... the guests await them at the Glass Pavilion entrance.
Meanwhile, inside the Glass Pavilion...
Spacious setup for the Principal Sponsors.

The carving station for both the Roast Beef and the lechon (suckling pig).
Seriously, I don't think the flowers on the posts are necessary. The enormity of this trellis is enough.

Aieeeeee! Beta-carotene overdose!

We have a long list of things to be thankful for: the fabulous weather, the efficiency of the catering service (VS&F, you are amazing!), my hard-working team (take a bow, boys!), the helpfulness of the entire staff of the Farm, Ate Mico of B Concepts for being the ever kalog yet oh-so-professional music supplier, and the couple for being so understanding (not of our shortcomings, but of the judgement calls we had to make on their behalf. Proceeding to Plan B, for one!).

As of this writing my feet hurt like hell, I've already lost my appetite (will eat tomorrow; so pagod na) but I am very happy for yet another successful day. To God Be The Glory. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!

To the couple, enjoy your honeymoon in Borakay!


Ceremony Setup//
Dylan Gozum for Vatel Manila

Catering Service//
VS&F International

Band Supplier//
B Concepts by Mico Solomon

Jun Valbuena

Our Partner Hotel//
Grand Borakay Resort,
D'Mall, Station 2

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