Monday, July 14, 2008


Oh, here's another blast from a more recent past, that of Mel and Joanne's. This was by Director's Cut who had to share - and vie for - precious photography space with Jun Valbuena. It was like a cockfight. Proof of this is the presence of at least one Valbuena staff (in dark blue polo) in almost every Director's Cut video still above. It was, to say the very least, fun to watch.

Wait! Watch their nice, touching AVP here! For our own (zombiesque) coverage of the event, view it here.

Anyway, I just discovered today through Yin Valientes that there are more photos here and here! Aaaaiiiieeeee!!!!

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Jammer said...

An Ode To Zombies

Zombies of white
We toiled through the night
The groom and the bride
Eyes opened wide
Yin radiant ever
An angel with a plan
Dylan with his wand
The farm into wonderland
Neil the Chronicler
A spyglass on crane
Jun the historian
A time capsule on hand
D' Capo with d' sound
Music all around
Then there there was light
Zombies in sight

- inspired by Dylan's use of the word 'zombiesque'

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