Saturday, August 30, 2008

BAYLON - ARGUELLES (August 31, 2008)

Without a doubt this should have been the one of the most memorable weddings at the Farm to date had it not been for the finicky weather patterns. And it did rain, it stopped, and it rained again making Plans A & B occur within minutes of each other.

Planning for this event began very early in the year with several emails and a few meetings. It was upon the bride’s insistence that the long-retired floral arch was resurrected (but was used earlier than expected for this wedding when the weather threatened not to cooperate). Plan A, IMHO, turned out really swell. The photos say it all. The setup was robust, clean and inspired because we had all our energies focused towards delighting the bride and the guests. There was a minor crisis that occured during the reception setup but that was licked within an hour.

One hour before the event, everything was sunny, peaceful, orderly. No sign of impending rain, although it was already raining in Manila in the morning and along Katipunan area by 3PM yet Plan A still pushed through.
The happy groom with his parents.

The rest of the entourage walk down the red carpet to their places. (Note to self: Make the aisle a little wider again like before.) It was also our first time to make all-Calla lily aisle flowers to add height We have long eschewed using Calla lilies for being too common pero looking at this photo, maganda naman pala! Red and white Success roses completed the look.
Meanwhile, the bride waits in the car.

The bride is led down the aisle by her parents.

The bride in an emotional embrace with her mom-in-law.

My favorite shot of the couple.
The minister leads the community in prayer prior to starting the wedding rites. The thick leaves of the trees of the Plaza Gat Tayaw lend an almost church-like feel to this garden setting. This is what caught the bride's fancy during her numerous visits to the Farm hence the non-decision to rent a tent for Plan B.

The cocktails area where iced tea was to be served after the ceremony. So far, so good. Until it rained again. It was high time for Plan B to be set into motion.
Plan B wasn't planned to be carried out if it rains during Plan A. It's "either / or", not "and". Anyhow, since the weather was really bright and sunny until around 4PM it was decided that Plan A will go on as scheduled, but the heavens had other plans.
Plan B now in motion. Plan B called for the ceremony and cocktails to be held inside the airconditioned Glass Pavilion. The couple are in the center while the guests occupy their respective seat assignments. We hauled the aisle flowers into the Pavilion as the rains lashed out at the Farm and whole of Marikina and Antipolo. Behind the scenes, patience was running thin, frustration was palpable in the air but in well-prepared events like this one, the couple and their parents are usually shielded from all the trouble of having to personally see to the details of the new arrangement.

Looking back, what could have been avoided? The rain was unavoidable, that's for sure. Warnings of forthcoming bad weather were, however, unheeded. The adage ora et labora should really be taken to heart at all times. Second, the lack of a resolute judgment call and finally, coordination issues (despite the best of efforts things still went haywire). Otherwise, the event went peacefully until almost 10PM without any more hitches (as far as I know).

This was the setup prior to the ceremony. The caterer brought in their white tablecloths, Vatel Manila provided the maroon.
You may remember these fabrics from our Peninsula Manila setup exactly one year ago this month. Methinks it's time to do this in aqua blue and chocolate brown, one of the year's more popular color combinations.
We first did this for the Sanvictores-Murata wedding. In the confusion that followed the emergency transfer to the Pavilion, they were left unlighted. Sayang, sayang.
Red roses for white tables, white roses for maroon tables.
Everything in Your own time, dear God. Everything in Your own time.


Ceremony Setup//
Dylan Gozum for Vatel Manila

Avengoza Catering


Photo & Video//


reah padla said...

rain was unavoidable --- talaga but as made everything perfect for the couple! wala na namang payong? hehehe...nice nice! =) congrats!

Nicole Arguelles-Baylon said...

DYLAN! ^_^
your pictures are great! (will steal some hahahahaha)
despite everything, i got a lot of great comments about your ceremony setup, everyone loved it! it would have been the perfect wedding talaga.... sigh... ^__^

but you did a wonderful job, the setup was all i had imagined it to be.
in the end, i had my intimate wedding after all... ^_^

Nicole said...

oh btw! can i re-post your blog (and add your link) at our multiply account? ^__^

Nicole again hahahaha said...

....and i am highly recommending Mango Farm especially Vatel Manila setup to all my friends (those getting married and those dreaming of getting married hahahaha)

Nicole said...

dear! (dont post this anymore)
but photo and video is by: Imagine Nation and GeoPicx

Vatel Manila said...

Hi, Mrs. Baylon! (hehe!) Yes, you can "steal" some of my photos and link to my blog. :-)


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