Sunday, May 11, 2008

PANGAN - TAN (May 11, 2008)

We've been praying hard for clear weather for today (as we always do for our other couples anyway), but for this the effort has doubled because there's been no letup in the rains since May 1. The Heavens heard our pleadings and the sun shone ever so brightly the entire day giving the grounds where the ceremony was to be held a chance to at least dry up a bit. At a little past 6PM, however, as predicted by, the rains fell just as the couple was declared one. Awww. The timing was just perfect. Anyway, it is now truly rainy season in the Philippines.

A conspiracy breweth in the distance. Kidding! This is a very nice photo though. (2nd, 3rd photos in this series by M.S.)

Had the chance to take a photo of the happy bride ('relieved' is more like it) with her mother and two junior bride's maids.

So it's true. During meetings, the couple have mentioned that the bride's gown and veil would trail by a few metres. Here's the evidence, folks!

The ceremony started a little past 5PM. The bride awaits her turn under the trees as the rest of the entourage proceeded to walk up the aisle.

Gowns that are... green as the grass.

The bride advances ever so nimbly towards the altar assisted by her parents.

The couple share a light moment.

This was when the couple's heads were bowed in prayer. I think the darkness of the surroundings with the only light provided by the spots gives this photo a rather, uhm, prayerful mood.

The couple is now one. A very beautiful wedding despite the impending rain. Personally, I really hope future guests wouldn't be afraid of changes in weather. These are secondary. The focus should be on the couple and the celebration of unity, friendship, and love that is as much ours as it is theirs.

Thank you, dear God, for the gift of faith. May it never waver.


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