Monday, May 19, 2008

GAMBOA DEBUT (May 19, 2008)

First things first. This is not a Vatel Manila event. It just happened that with the tropical depression Cosme lashing the north of the Philippines, the Farm had to make contingencies and decided to bring this debut - originally planned to be held in the gardens - into the Glass Pavilion. When the need to spruce up the Pavilion came about, we were there to assist in whatever way we can. The order of the day was to recreate the gardens inside the Pavilion. This means we had to recreate the trellises where the bench and the hammock were originally planned to be placed. Anyway, we made do with whatever materials we already have at the farm plus a little foliage here and there.

We added pillows, white rose petals, and the hand-painted paper umbrella I bought in Chinatown during my visit to Singapore last year.

On the other side of the Pavilion, we made use of a native hammock and spruced it up with fabrics.

Table setting by Avengoza.

Eyelove this gazebo. It has this Russian flavour to it. I'm just about expecting Hussars to come marching in any time.

We eventually added candles to the hammock area to brighten it up a bit.

For the debutante's gazebo, we used our wintry tree branches for that added 'forest' effect using green-colored spots.

The debutante's own mother hosted the event (by now already delayed by 2.5 hours).

The bench became a hit with the cam-loving crowd.

Finally, after a long wait, the debutante arrives at the Glass Pavilion accompanied by flaming swords-toting waiters.

Her friends cheer excitedly during her entrance.

The debutante with her parents.
In addition to the usual 18 roses dance and the 18 candles ceremony, they also had the 18 shots where 18 of the debutante's friends would give her a testimonial and take a shot of rhum cola, sort of an initiation to adulthood.

The 18 shots happened at the hammock area.

The debutante watches an AVP prepared by her mother. Very, very moving.

The hammock, on the other hand, was a hit among the younger set.

Ang sarap kasi talagang mag-duyan!

Well, that's me behind the swing making sure it doesn't go back too far. Now that's going the extra mile! *laughs*


Dylan Gozum for The Mango Farm
Set Design//

Jun Valbuena

Avengoza Catering

Special thanks to M.S. for several of the photos used in this entry.

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