Saturday, April 05, 2008


Vatel Manila's newest set-up was unveiled today during the Agustin-Sarangaya wedding. This was meant to replace the tedious floral arch that we already retired last March 2008. Please right-click on the photos to see enlarged versions in another window.

The "roof" consists of five (5) Geena silk swags of 20 yards each hanging on wires running parallel to each other. This was designed by the bride of our upcoming April 30, 2008 event. The altar of white trees, flowers and crystals was inspired by Katherine Heigl's wedding (of Gray's Anatomy fame). Check out the photos at OK! Magazine (Philippines), February 28, 2008 issue!

The effect is similar to having a tent over the guests, although this was actually designed specifically for summer. The grass is still green, the mango trees are heavy with fruit, and the sun is warm and bright.

The green of spider mums is so cool to the eyes. It pretty much complimented the entire scheme.

At the center of this set-up are three "trees" which we painted white to further make them cool to the eyes. It's like having winter trees in summer! Very odd, but a welcome surprise.

The two-meter distance between the swags highlights the fact that the walk for the bride is actually longer than our 20-yard carpet. This is the longest set-up we've ever done!

The trees holds glass teardrops and several pieces of votive candles.

Also, to break the whiteness we adorned it with green dendrobium orchids and eucalyptus leaves, but we need to add more next time to give it volume.

The idea of putting lighted candles provided the much-needed prettiness to the altar. They will work very well especially for weddings that will end during nightfall. Great backdrop!

The set-up as seen from a distance.

The set-up will go through two more tests - April 7 and 30 - to prove that it can be flexible, workable, camera-pretty, guests/photographer-friendly, easier to set up, and maintain reasonable overhead cost like the other set-up (the one using the small gazebo or kiosk) among other things.

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reah padla said...

ganda ganda! sana nung wedding ko may ganto..pero nylon naman..haha..para di na kailangan umbrella...ella..ella...:p


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