Monday, April 07, 2008

MIRANDE - SOLIMAN (April 7, 2008)

Today's event was born out of months of work. I'm glad to finally see it come to pass. This is also the second time that we'd be testing the new ceremony setup but this time located at the Plaza Gat Tayaw. I was imagining that it will be more difficult to do it here because there aren't enough trees to hold the wire tracks for the fabrics. We ended up hooking both ends of the wires to the neighbor's trees (yikes!).

Anyway, I liked doing it in this area because it's not as sunny and hot compared to the mango avenue near the office. It's also not as windy, which was our number one kalaban in the former venue. I like the shadows on the fabric. And it's quite airy, too! I guess the couple are just lucky to have really great weather today. I can only imagine how the nuns at the St. Clare Monastery would roll their eyes every time they receive egg gifts. I mean, seriously, how many things can one do with eggs? Let's count the ways...

I honestly try to avoid doing weddings that are held on Mondays because of the nightmare of getting flowers you need. Florists know that flowers arrive in Manila only on Thursdays and Saturdays, so it's either they're not too fresh or lanta na by the time you need to use them. I can only thank God for reliable suppliers; in this case, Notes and Flowers & N's Flower Shop. Thanks so much, Ma'ams Tess and Nora!
The new leaves provided a wonderful sheen and color to the event. It's like getting wed in the province! The air is so fresh and clean around here.

Shadows of mango blossoms on the fabric.


Meanwhile, this lady glows in this red svelte number as the church choir practices prior to the ceremony. Sorry. I couldn't help but notice.

Forgive my fascination for these lovely winter-y trees. The green dendrobiums are really spectacular. They truly deserve their cardiac arrest-inducing price tag. Rhia, the coordinator, had the water in the votive candle holders dyed blue. I think they looked fab!

Meanwhile, the ceremony finally took off at around 5-ish because several members of the entourage were late. Was this the reason for Sir Millard to be anxious? Or is he just excited to see his bride?

The late guests finally arrived and things started rolling. Ms. Guia emerged from her car. Never realized how tall and statuesque she was until today.

A buss on the cheek with her mother...

... and the story of a lifetime finally began. By the way, the opening march music was Johann Schop (with arrangement by J.S. Bach)'s Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring. :-)

Before I knew you, the world was dazzling.
From that sky I got left with tears.
I will care for that person.
You are the only reason…
To me the wait gives me enough happiness.
Love is the only reason…
As days pass by,
If you forget the way,
I’ll be waiting
I do it for you.
I do it for you.

I Believe (OST, Sassy Girl. Performed by Shin Seung Hun)

Thank you very much and may God bless you all!

Suppliers List

Ceremony Setup & Entourage Flowers
Dylan Gozum for Vatel Manila

Photography & Video
Jun Valbuena

Hizon's Catering

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