Wednesday, April 30, 2008

THE LAZARTES (April 30, 2008)

There's nothing like getting married in a ceremony setup of your own design. In this case, this split-tent setup was designed by the bride herself, an interior designer currently based in Davao City and shuttles occassionaly to Manila. As seen in earlier photos, we pre-tested this setup in two locations: here and on Plaza Gat Tayaw. This was when we didn't know yet where this wedding will be held. Back then, being unfamiliar with this setup, I thought, "Buti na yung ready". While it is true that it has been used before this event for which it was originally designed, the bride still left her stamp on it thus making it her very own.
One of the delights of this setup, of course, are these floral balls - all twelve of them lining the red carpet. They were the center of attention while they were being created in Dangwa. People would occassionally come into the shop and ask how much it would cost to have these made. Anyway, the bride wanted them at least 16 inches each to register well on camera, which they did. The trouble of transporting these from Sampaloc, Manila to Antipolo is too horrible for words, I tell yah. I wish to thank my crew for being ever helpful and understanding, and I only have high praises for my team of florists even if they had to work for more than 12 hours on these and the seemingly interminable entourage flowers. I myself had only three hours sleep, and there's another wedding coming up the next day. There was no time left for anything else. After the ceremony, I had to bid the couple goodbye because I have to leave for Dangwa again. Thanks to M.S. for the 2nd and 3rd photos in this series.

A sample of the invitations which the couple did by hand.
One of the most unusual weddings ever held in the farm, the entourage marched to the altar to songs by Aerosmith, U2 and The Police.
The entourage - all fourty of them. My biggest mistake, methinks, was to suggest that this wedding didn't need a professional coordinator. In fact, I have witnessed several weddings in the farm that didn't have anyone else to help them but us. Personally, I think it really boils down to a well-prepared program, and some dear friends to help the couple out. There's nothing like having bosom buddies taking care of your own wedding. And their services come free, too.

Nice browns and silvers for the bride's maids. The bride was correct in choosing an all-white floral base for the entourage flowers.
The flower girls - all fourteen of them (wait, some were absent or late). I learned a lesson with those pomanders. I should have made them smaller so they were easier to carry, but these were okay.
Finally, the bride herself. What an amazing gown. "Victorian" came to mind immediately.

Preparations that began in 2007 have finally come to an end on this special day for the Lazartes. There were several issues that came up that I don't need to list here (I am too distraught as of this writing) but suffice to say that many lessons were learned from today. We only have the Lazartes to thank for the wake-up call. God bless them.

Sliced Tent Design //
Cheryl Lazarte

Ceremony Setup and Entourage Flowers //
Dylan Gozum for Vatel Manila

Live Band //
c/o Mico Solomon

Caterer //


reah said...

eeep! wake up call? you're great dylan! imagine..we only had 2 months to prepare...less pa nga actually but you were great..hehe..record yung sa min i think...:P and yes...special kayo ni mike..i wanna get married have multiply account ba? add me up :

The Lazartes said...

Several weddings were perfectly done but it doesn't happen to all; good for those who had wonderful experiences. Unfortunately for us, we didn't get the complete service which were committed prior to the wedding. In fairness to Dylan, we are very thankful that he was able to accept the flaws that needs to be addressed. It is not intended to put down an artist, but rather it is intended to fully realize his great potential...

To Mike, hats off to you... You've been great from start to end... You will reap soon what you've sown through your hard work & amazing character...

In the end, God has a purpose for everything - good or bad... But whatever the outcome is, to God be the glory..!


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