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AGUSTIN - SARANGAYA (April 5, 2008)

The preparations for this wedding can be considered a tour de force. First, because the setup used for the ceremony wasn't to be ready yet until mid April (this being meant for the April 30 wedding). Second, the preparations were somewhat hurried because the groom only approached us a week or so before April 5. By the way, this was an account Vatel Manila won over Manila Catering (for the same price? Ha ha! I had no idea). Anyway, we're glad that the couple allowed us to test drive this new setup for their ceremony. It pretty much gave us the chance to see how it works under the most severe of conditions. To begin with, it was extremely windy that day (but humid). Also, it gave us an insight as to the possibilities this setup can still do - more uplights for every fabric fall, perhaps capiz chandeliers or Japanese paper lanters in between fabric spaces. It does lend itself to so many themes. The farm staff also thinks that the new setup looks better here (down at the Mango Avenue) than up at the Gat Tayaw Plaza (see
Mirande-Soliman wedding). I agree. :-)

The entourage members, especially the boys, looked cool in their camisa de chinos and khaki pants. Somehow, without us planning it, themes and motifs fell into place.

The groom, Joy (trivia: he is the second groom to have 'Joy' as a name to ever get wed at the farm), adjusts his Dad's barong.

Pretty, pretty.

The ceremony finally started two hours late with dancers from church pivoting about... (anxious) bride, Luchie, waits in the car.

The purpose of the dancers actually is to spread this white fabric for the bride's walk.

And then the church's head dancer pivoted about with the bride's Cymbidium bouquet. It really was fascinating! We've never seen anything like this before. All that drama in this hot summer weather!

(Note to self: That's a pretty necklace. Somehow very appropriate with the dress.)

The pomp and circumstance ended with the head dancer giving the bouquet to the bride's father who in turn...

...handed it to his daughter.

All together now: Aaaawwwww.... !

Ms. Luchie was presented to Sir Joy. Here he is shown kissing the hand of his bride's father; a tradition that we think grooms should do more often.

Thanks for entrusting to us the beginning of your yet many more beautiful memories! More wedding photos here, here, and here courtesy of The Mango Farmer. :-)


Ceremony Set-up
Dylan Gozum for Vatel Manila

Manila Catering

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a new beginning said...

Vatel Manila came at the right time, at the right place; and boy! They did the right thing for our Wedding Ceremony Setup (should I include that they gave it at the right price?)

My wife and I deeply appreciate your craft, and we salute you for your extra mile support to give whatever things we asked for our wedding before, and even during our wedding.

(i hope you wouldn't mind, but i made a blog for you and the mango farmer at:

don't punish me for taking some of your pictures, pls)

God bless you, and many more projects to come!!!


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