Friday, March 14, 2008

DALISAY - OLSSON (March 14, 2008)

A year of preparations finally culminated with one of the most organized of weddings in the Farm thanks to the couple's somewhat over-attentiveness to details (it's their wedding after all!). This event started what was dubbed the "Swedish Weekend" because of the high volume of guests from Sweden for this wedding and the one after it (Vaigncourt-Strallen & Larsson's).
Guests mill around the ceremony area.

The Caterer Avengoza prepared really lovely arrangements of pink roses (which bloomed quite beautifully) and pink local Alstromerias.

The table centerpieces as requested by the couple.

"See my silver shoes? All I need to do is click them thrice and bingo! A genie will appear!"
"When it's my turn, I will make sure I won't look like a curtain come to life!"
The groom was still deep into last-minute arrangements prior to the ceremony. Hmmm...what were the coordinators doing?

Meanwhile, in the Farm's office, Ms. Sara was busy worrying about something else: her somewhat loose bodice. Anyway, somebody from the guests came up with the solution: double-sided tape. Hmmm. I wouldn't have thought of that.

The loose bodice affair solved, Sara waited in the Farm's airy wings for the ceremony to begin.

By the way, Jomari and Sara met onboard the M/V Doulos where they both worked.

Finally, the time has come!

...and the bride appears from the house like a vision.

An entourage member puts on the bride's veil. Hmmm... The coordinators' minds must have been on the food.

Sara's parents present her to the waiting groom.

Vatel Manila sends its warmest congratulations and best wishes to the couple! Mabuhay!

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