Sunday, January 27, 2008


Trust us. We have seen many times how having a coordinator - whether they're a team or just one person - has saved many a wedding day. Here at The Mango Farm, we have - on many occassions - filled in the gaps left by not hiring a coordinator or not having a point-person to talk to when the circumstance called for it. We do not wish to see a wedding fail or flounder so we try the best we can to help the couples, but there's a limit to every effort.

COORDINATOR TYPES. There are two kinds of coordinators: one that will see you through from start to finish, and one who will just be on D-Day itself (on-the-day coordinators). There are budgetary considerations in choosing which one will suit you best, but a lot of couples we've met usually get the services of the latter simply because the brides-to-be love to do the preparations themselves so as to get a better hold of how things are done. More and more brides are taking control of their own weddings because "personalized" is in. Nothing beats a wedding where everything you love is around you - your favorite color(s), motif, symbols, etc.

BUDGET: If you wish to save more, you can opt to get on-the-day coordinators. Better yet, have friends help you get things done a few days before and on the wedding day itself.

If this is not possible (having many friends, I mean), scout for wedding coordinators during bridal fairs. In fact, discounts and freebies can be had if you book on the spot (during the fair). However, there is no sure-fire trick as to who's the best among the lot. One thing is for sure though: if they understand how you want things done, then they're the best people for the job. Small things like being able to update you (via email, calls, or even through SMS) and can forsee problems and address concerns even before you were told of them (or before you even told them) makes for incredible workmanship. That's value for money indeed.

As there are now dime-a-dozen coordinating groups, do not forget to compare prices for services. Cheap doesn't necessarily mean good service. Good service comes at a price.

A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE: Some people may view hiring a wedding coordinator to be a luxury, but in many cases, enlisting the assistance of a professional can truly make planning a wedding much easier. While it is another expense, if one uses a great coordinator, they can work within any budget to make the wedding a success. In today's busy world, engaged couples do not have the time to do all of the legwork and research needed to plan their special day.

By hiring a coordinator, he/she already knows of many locations, vendors, and resources that would best fit into the couples planning, and therefore saves the couple precious time. Also, a great coordinator can even help the couple save money by knowing where to cut costs.

A coordinator takes care of the many intricate little details that occur when putting on a wedding, to ensure the couple can relax, and have a wonderful and stress-free day. Trust us when we say thay having coordinators will truly make a world of difference.

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