Sunday, January 20, 2008

PADLA-BUNSOY (January 20, 2008)

Today, we debuted our newest ceremony setup, a take on a setup that was first done in Pearl Farm, Davao in 2007. This isn't exactly like it but it's almost there - clean and pretty.

The aisle flowers used were only the yellow chyrsanthemum and calla lily. They were joined by really nice pine tree needles, iris, and rosal to make for a striking arrangement that is both clean and suitable for the site of the wedding.

For the first time, the gazebo's reverse side was used. This setup was supposed to have been used last December 26, which was postponed at the last minute.

The couple were blessed with a cloudy and rainy day. Here, the guests waited near the Glass Pavilion for the rain to let up.

Inside, Hizon made an unusual black and yellow table arrangement. I can almost see bumble bees coming out of their hives and settling themselves at the tables, tee hee!

At 4PM, the exact time of the wedding to start, the sun came out. Here, the groom, Josh, stands near the altar as he awaits his bride.

Oh, look!! Actually, they are supposed to mimic butterflies.

And the Queen of them all emerges from the Glass Pavilion...

...flashes a sweet smile...

...and walks up the red carpet.

Her parents join her.

The rest of the entourage. This should be evidence enough that nobody should be afraid to experiment with color combinations.

The rain was a blessing that accompanied a really beautiful wedding.

I am pretty sure not one eye was dry after the exchange of vows. Ours defintely wasn't. changes everything...
"Dylan, tnx 4 being part of our wedding. The setup was simply fantastic! :-)"- Josh and Reah


Bernard NIO said...

Dylan, mah Man!!! Josh and Reah's set-up was nothing short of superb!!! We told you what we wanted , and you delivered.

I saw this man work... alone... and barefoot at Mango Farm (when I asked him why he's barefoot, he said because it hasn't been done before... my kind of visionary!!!). Even though we were both tensed because of the weather, he was still calm and composed, while I was freakin' panicking in my suit!!!

Dylan, I hope to work with you again in the future. Kudos to you, my friend. :)

reah bunsoy-padla said...

woooh! glad to have checked your blog again. josh and i were...actually..still are happy with the dreams of a beautiful wedding fulfilled...let's keep in touch... i shall market your services..teehee =)


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