Sunday, January 06, 2008

NGUYEN-POSADAS (January 6, 2008)

The second wedding for January 2008 has finally come to pass. Once again we were able to use this part of the Farm which remains one of our favorite spots because of the way the mango branches form a natural canopy over a wide walk way. Totally breathtaking. Today we saw the union of Maricel, a Filipina working for Hyatt Sydney, and Quyen, a Vietnamese who grew up in Norway and now lives in Australia. It's true love born down under.

The color scheme was blue and silver but for the ceremony, the bride stuck to the tried and tested - white and soft pink. We also covered our pots in white fabric as requested.

That's Kate, the coordinator / maid of honor. I must admire her for her tenacity and firmness in making sure everything hews to the requirements of the bride. Here, she is giving last minute instructions to Quyen and his groom's man.

A wonderful view of the ceremony site. Very clean, green and functional. Oh, if you must know, our wedding package at Vatel already has the altar setup, flowers and aisle swags, 20 yards of red carpet, 100 dressed chairs, and the PA system (the last two items are included if the ceremony is held at the Farm). Worry-free, hassle-free, yes?

Ms. Maricel as she waited in the car for the ceremony to begin.

Sir Quyen showed signs of nervousness - or was it excitement?

The bride walks gracefully down the aisle...

...and is accompanied by her father.

Father and daughter walk down the red carpet while acknowledging the warm greetings of the guests.

Bride and groom finally come together at the altar.

The ceremony setup. The cabana-like tent, if you have noticed, was first used last December 21, 2007 (Lijster-Acong). That was the time the bride came to visit the Farm. She immediately took noticed and requested that the same tent be reproduced for her own wedding.

The bench was provided by their caterer, VS&F. Kailangan talaga may heart?! So kitsch.

My favorite shot of the couple by the swamp. I rendered this in grayscale because even though my ISO was already at 400, I can't seem to keep my hands still. This was the only way to save this photo. Sigh. Must be the hunger.

We wish the couple happiness forever and ever. Thanks so much! Mabuhay!

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