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MARTINEZ-BERGONIO (January 8, 2007)

This is the third wedding in a series for the month January. I only got to meet the bride, Ms. Gueselle, when she returned with her husband of 6 (7?) years from Hawai'i last December. It's becoming a trend - already married couples coming home to the Philippines to get married again. It's a Filipino tradition that dictates that a wedding must happen in the homeland so that the rest of the relatives can attend. You can imagine the fun (and riot!) a huge family reunion can become.

The groom's family had to drive all the way from La Union, Pangasinan and Olongapo City for 6 hours, leaving there at 4AM. They were already at the venue by 10AM and had to wait for the ceremony to begin at 4PM. Think 2 big buses and several other vehicles and you get the idea.

The ceremony began on the dot with the candle sponsors and the rest of the gang. The girls were resplendent in their apple green gowns. (Entourage flowers not by Vatel Manila).

Finally, the bride - with a fantastic long veil - walks the aisle. (An aside: That's Jun Valbuena behind her). The bride's bouquet was...

...handed to her by her handsome son. Very sweet gesture. Something really unique.

Sir Francis, the groom, prepares to pay homage to his parents and to Gueselle's parents.

If you have several kids in your family or church who can sing, they can do the job at no cost at all. Just make sure they practise, practise, practise. I mean, seriously.

Sir Francis and Ma'am Gueselle share a moment.

And finally, a loooooong kiss. Sigh...

And it's finally over in 1 hour and 20 minutes!

Meanwhile, a flower girl conks out of exhaustion from the long trip and sleeps on her father's arms. The poor little thing!

The wedding ceremony as seen from the Plaza del Carmen.

The wedding ceremony as seen from the Glass Pavilion.

This is the setup for the principal sponsors by Hizon's Catering. This is an Evening Classic Package that Hizon's has made very popular in the many wedding venues they serve. It already includes the food, photography (by Jun Valbuena) and the venue. Fee for ceremony setup is separate and can be arranged with The Mango Farm office personnel, Lyn or Nell.

Another view of the reception setup inside the Glass Pavilion.

The Glass Pavilion as seen from Plaza Gat Tayaw.

Boys making pa-cute with the camera.

We wish the couple more happiness in their life in Hawai'i! God bless you and your family!

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