Thursday, January 24, 2008


Entourage bouquet. This is a sample of a bouquet for the rest of the entourage. We made use of local cymbidia (pink) on a bed of red berries and pink carnations. The base leaves is eucalyptus. (Don't worry. That isn't the handle. It's a vase we used to prop it up during pictorial.)

Two brown bears embellish the basket of the flowergirl. For this wedding, instead of the usual flower petals, the flower girl handed out white Lilies of the Nile to guests along the path.

Another look at the entourage flowers. We also made use of faux crystals to liven up the bouquets. Pretty in pink!

The bridal bouquet. Since peonies were already out of season by the time the wedding happened (the bride originally wanted to have them), we made use of green imported Cymbidia on a bed of red berries and pink carnations (which she also personally like).

Another view of the bridal bouquet. We decided to go minimalist and simple for the boutonnieres and corsages. A single local pink Cymbidia with eucalyptus leaves and faux crystal did the trick. Non-obtrusive yet pretty.

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