Sunday, December 30, 2007

CRANK - NACION (December 30 2007)

This is our last event for December 2007. There's been very short preparation for this setup, but it's because the floral arch has been made over and over and over that we're tempted to actually freeze dry the entire thing and just keep it in the stockroom for future engagements.

In fact, our January 3, 2008 client was here earlier and - you already know it - chose the same setup for her wedding. We can only sigh in disbelief and resignation (I am complaining because it isn't really easy to do). I have requested the farm to pull out the photos of this setup from the official photo albums. The thing is, it's on the latest cover of the farm postcard and they also blew it up into a poster for the January and February bridal fairs in SM.

I guess the floral arch is here to stay so I really should stock on Flanax starting today.

We are glad that our events continue to see more visitors from other countries. At least they'd be able to witness how our weddings are done, as well as providing a good opportunity for everyone present to learn from each other.
The groom makes his way to the altar.

Josh eagerly awaits his bride along with his friends.

Ms. Joy beams as she makes her entrance.

If you aren't really into sermons, your mind would probably wander to the trees and lights and what other guests are wearing, but when the officiating minister gives you take-home messages such as, "God’s plan can only climax by the joining of man and woman, your manhood can only be fulfilled by your partner (I forgot what he said exactly), because no one, no one can satisfy himself," you sure will sit up straight and rue your inattention. I think the take-home message really hits the nail on the head.
Sigh. Another day is over but thank you, Lord, for making every day special and meaningful.

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