Thursday, September 20, 2007


Had my mock setup yesterday, September 19, at Nillado Room of The Peninsula. This is for the 25th Anniversary of Wordtext Systems, Inc. on the 28th to be held at the Rigodon Ballroom. The mock setup also coincided with the food tasting so the company's representatives had a closer look at the things to come on D Day.

Special thanks to Ms. Tina Victoria, A.E., for helping make the setup as seamless as possible.
Clean and crisp with just the right blend of color. The centerpiece is an attempt at recreating the three-levels-of-life arrangement symbolizing heaven, man, and earth. I however think that this is not very faithful to that philosophy.

A collection of the unusual. I gathered several unusual flowers, leaves, and palm fruits to make one unusual centerpiece. For florists and stylists, these are already common, but these are not seen by guests on a daily basis. I loved the pink chrysanthemums from China. They are definitely not very common these past two years. Do I sense genetic manipulation?

I hope to get better hydrangeas next week. A delivery has just arrived from Bangkok. Also, I look forward to employing Queen Anne's Lace to replace the faux crystal flowers I used yesterday to make up for its non-availability due to bad weather.

Detail. Large silver-colored sequins add glitter - quite literally - to the anniversary's theme of "a night of magic." Magician Eric Mana will be performing. The sequins were also used to reflect the company's birth during the '80s.

Detail. Main course of Cajun Roasted Chicken Roulade on the setup courtesy of The Peninsula. The menu was chosen to reflect the color motifs silver and burgundy, but more on the latter. Why, even the sorbet which was strawberry flavored, was a perfect fit!

See you on the 28th!

25th Anniversary
Wordtext Systems, Inc.

Rigodon Ballroom
The Peninsula Manila
Makati City

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