Wednesday, September 19, 2007


One thing I like about working in the wedding industry is that I get to bump into a member of the family. Guys, meet Lambert Wilson Yap Uy, my first cousin, currently Pastry Chef of Hizon's Catering. Here he is photographed preparing me a mango crepe. Sorry for the bull cap, but he was on a break when he was doing this and he just couldn't refuse his Kuya, he he!

He used to live with us when he was still attending culinary school, but he is now staying in-house with Hizon's. He wakes up at dawn when there's loads of things to do (desserts for 300 guests? Bring it on!). He will be enrolling in pastry class soon and in terrine class after that.

Way to go, cousin! See yah around!

Some of the hard-working crew from Hizon's Catering! They were at The Mango Farm lately for the now almost-annual grand food tasting.

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