Friday, June 15, 2007

GOLOY-TAN (JUNE 15, 2007)

First, the lessons. For every demanding bride, there's an accomodating stylist. The latter, that's me. Too accomodating, in fact. I think it is my major flaw as a businessman. I want to please, I want to push things farther, go the extra mile even if I'm working on a tight budget.

My friends always tease me to open a charitable foundation. I am seriously considering.

From the beginning I knew Jelo was no ordinary bride. She had ideas she wanted to become a reality. For every meeting, new things came up. The changes and updates were almost - to my mind - interminable, but I saw it all as a challenge. I pored over magazines to find out how her ideas were done by others in the past and how I can make it look different.

It started with the bouquet. It is the first work that brides see from their florist/stylist. For Jelo, I created a mix of green cymbidiums & green carnations. She wanted something green from the start, and in a shower fashion. I think it came out pretty well. Her throw-away bouquet was made of Sweet Williams and bright pink astromerias and had a polipodium wrap. Her entourage carried a motley (and happy) mix of blue agapanthus africanus (also known as Lily of the Nile) ringed by white roses and yellow carnations and tied in lilac ribbons, the latter being her main color motif.

My florists were very happy with my choices. They are very quiet workers, but I can sense that they know it's for a special client.

Because of weather uncertainties, we resorted to doing the ceremony under a tent. Two tents were used for this setup. A request was made to cover the ceiling to hide the metal beams. Consider it done as evidenced in these photos. The crew finished it in 4 hours and it's our first time to do it. By the way, it didn't rain.

Flower girls sat on the altar disguised as angels. By the way, the officiating minister is the bride's father. :-)

I have to admit it's my first time to use Malaysian mums in a setup. The closest Malaysian mums got to any of my projects is when I employ them for the signature Vatel Manila flower balls which you can view in our past events.

We have nothing against mums, really. For volume, like in this setup, they are excellent choices. To repeat the flowers from the entourage, white and blue Lilies of the Nile were also used on the aisle. The tent posts were stringed with Tivoli lights, capped with palm leaves to make them look like palm trees, and wrapped in sheer fabric.

I didn't have the chance to get capiz chandeliers (I will next time) so I used what was already available in the Farm. To make it a bit exciting, I added palm leaves. Presto, a tropical beach wedding feel in a snap!

Personal touch. I found two cherubims in a flea market in Cagayan de Oro during an annual visit there, and here is one of them in their first public appearance. Incidentally, the couple's first names are Angelo and Angela.

It was a tiring day, to put it mildy. We put up with the demands with aplomb and we survived to tell the tale. After this, I bet we can already deal with just about anybody! *laughs*

Thank you, Jelo and Gelo, for entrusting to us one of the greatest days of your lives!

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