Saturday, March 10, 2007

TAJOLOSA-FLORES (March 10, 2007)

This is my second to the last wedding this March. I told friends that the level of difficulty is increasing as I end this merry,er, marry month of March. The couple, whom I never met, left instructions as to how they want their ceremony setup to look like: tropical flowers on bamboo pillars (not tripod style). The motif is blue. And they wanted an arch with a shower of white orchids for the altar background.

Here in Vatel Manila, we only desire to make all your wishes come true. While the bride was going down the ramp for her entrance walk, I heard her say to her coodinator, "Wow, ang ganda!"

I think I won't be able to mop this smile off my face for another month. Thanks for trusting us, Sir Juancho and Ma'am Myrtle! May God look kindly on your marriage and bless you with many beautiful and obedient children!

Doves behind bars. Does love beget freedom?

Lucky are the couples who marry while the mangoes are still here. Come March 22, harvest begins. Awww...sad.

Rose petals on the red carpet. A classic wedding feature done thousands of times all over the world. A fantastic shot, methinks.

When smoke gets in my view. I was talking to the Bishop-Officiator when I noticed that smoke was coming in from the neighbor who may be burning dried leaves. The effect is just so cool! I was expecting an LOTR character to just walk into the frame any second now!

In my last blog, I was complaining of having run out of new ideas for the aisle setup until this couple came along. I thought this wouldn't work at first but look at that! A ceremony setup that is bursting with color.

There will always be brats in every wedding. Sigh. Kids!

Perils of the trade. That's Tony making last minute changes in the tivoli lights we were putting up.

Silence before the D Hour. Bishop Martin, a Catholic Bishop of the Eastern Rite, contemplates before he began the celebration of the Holy Mass.

So young, so happy. Members of the Madrigal et al. They were very good!

"She walks in beauty, like the night..."

The groom is impeccable in his marine uniform as he awaits the arrival of his bride, along with his mother and his Best Man.

I never thought the setup would look like this at night! Did we just franchise (insert name of that famous venue here) or what?!

All's well that ends well. Thank you, Father, for another chance to be of service.

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