Tuesday, December 19, 2006

THE SABIOS, November 2006

This was another wedding I did last November at The Mango Farm. This was that of a beautiful couple, Fhilip Sabio and Mae Dei Chua. This time, I was able to use both canopies - one for the ceremony and one for the march up the aisle. I think it looked rather swell! The bride obviously enjoyed the feeling of being brought to the altar under a canopy of regal proportions.

I only had one meeting with the couple before their wedding. We helped them decide on the final location of their wedding ceremony. We only did the ceremony while the rest of the setup was done by the in-house caterer, Martha's Plate. The flowers used for this setup were white cala lilies, delicate pink Astromerias, and old rose /powder blue Hydrangeas.

The setup is clean; there's no obstrusive decor favored heavily by many designers but which takes away the limelight from the altar and the couple. The grass was very green that day. It made a striking contrast to the spanking new red carpet. This flower decor has started to become a Vatel Manila trademark. I like it because aside from it's easy to do, it does not totally grab people's attention away from the star of the day - the bride. She should be the most beautiful flower of all. The white fabric on the flower stands are pashmina shawls.
A simple but elegant altar setup makes it easy for the officiator to do his duties without hindrance or complications. This setup also shows the couple facing the audience - a new way of doing things. I was thinking, the guests cannot completely share in the emotional show going on if the couple's backs are faced towards them. Instead, the couple should face the guests. After all, the promises made during a wedding are made before God and His people.
The canopy finds it's second chance to be used, this time with freshly-cut bamboo poles as rods.

This was the 1st wedding wherein I had a complete control over the setup. To make it functional, we moved the secondary sponsors to the altar area so they can do their duties with ease. Also, we moved the seats of the bridemaids and the Maid of Honor immediately behind the bride so they can be at her bidding. I do not know where the concept of the Maid of Honor becoming the one honored came from. She shouldn't be a passive wall flower. She has a duty to perform!
Weddings are, first and foremost, a family gathering. Here, members of the bride's family take photos of themselves even before the ceremony started. It was fun and heartwarming to watch.
The bride walks to the altar accompanied by 4 waiters under my 2nd canopy, a rich brown number that was sewn especially for this occassion. The setting sun lends a soft yellow glow to the surroundings.

Her family beams as she walks past them.
The main altar at night.

All's well that ends well.


Dwyane Corleone Fujiwara said...

That was a spectacular day. Thanks for everything! - Filip


mae dei chua-sabio said...

I couldn't agree more. Thank you! -mae dei



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