Tuesday, December 19, 2006

THE CREUSES, December 16, 2006

This was my last wedding for 2006. I never had the chance to discuss details with the couple. In fact I only got to see them on the wedding day itself. The color motif is aqua blue. Interestingly enough, the next wedding projects in March (2 of them) will use the same color scheme. What's with the use of blue in weddings these days?

We wish Christine Licuanan and Wally Creus eternal happiness!

The happy couple. Ceremony setup flowers are mine except that of the entourage.
The bride is escorted by her parents prior to "giving her away" to the waiting groom.

The main altar. The bride chose to use our exhibit tent (we regularly use this in wedding exhibits in SM Megamall) as her altar. Methinks the whole thing came out rather nicely. There is a unified and balanced look to this setup sans the usual clutter. The capiz curtain is lit by two spotlights from behind.

Aside from the trademark aisle decor, we also added a new touch - floral globes hanging from trees! They added dimension to the scene, where the ribbons flutter in the wind and adds feminine charm to what otherwise could have been purely musculine blue.

Floral arrangement for the altar. Flowers used were azucenas, white Malaysian mums, and cabbage roses. The vase costs Php 1,250 each. I love the way it looks. The staff call it "kupita" (goblet).

Now that is a beautful cabbage rose! If only they do not stink as much. *sigh* Truly, one can't have everything, yes?

Mango Farm staff doing final touches to the setup. Recent diggings in this area had caused it to lose a lot of its grass cover. To compensate for that, grass had to be cut in other parts of the farm and used to cover the bald area as seen in this photo.

Vatel Manila uses capiz regularly to highlight the Filipino tradition and the fact the capiz never, never goes out of style. It is very simple, clean and timeless. Capiz curtains (Php 8,000.00) courtesy of Ate Letty Yanga of Ils-de-Tuls, Quiapo.

Also, there is always space for beadwork to accent fabrics like this altar table. The fabric is pashmina.

All's well that ends well.

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