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So it's came to pass. What started as a pre-nup last April finally came to fruitition last November. Harold and Malou tied the knot under the best of weather conditions at the farm. We wish them the best in their new life in the US!
"Dylan, thank you so much. It was nice. People were impressed. You did a good job. Keep it up. Thanks again!" - Harold and Malou (Text message from Malou the day after the wedding)
Licianthus is the new rose. I hate dyed flowers. We do not use them at all, not if we can help it. Blue flowers are impossible to find, that's for sure. We waited an hour to be shown blue roses from Belgium but no, no. They just won't do. When I saw these, I fell in love with them almost immediately! November-December is their season and Manila is abundant with these flowers. This color is not as common as white, which makes them expensive. Well, what the heck! This was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to use them anyway.

All shades of blue!

The new canopy I designe…